The nature and characteristics of the activities throughout the program, both on-campus classes and through the Virtual Campus and their delivery and evaluation mechanism will be specified in the tutorials and explained by the tutors at the beginning.
The dynamic evaluation of the course will be conducted on a three-tier system:

• Continuous assessment of subjects/modules.


This course is a system of remote learning supported by a weekly classroom session to be held on a Tuesday. In this classroom session the lecturer, in addition to explain the subject matter, will provide the necessary reference materials and indicate the tasks to be performed in the Virtual Campus during that week. If the student does not complete the weekly tasks, the student will be graded with a failure. Also, the lecturer is obliged to submit a report of the subject and evaluate the students at the end of the corresponding module.


• Grading of the tasks:


Each lecturer will set different tasks to be performed by students. These tasks may be graded by the lecturer in the weeks following the lecture, but the results will be published before the date of the final exam for that the module.


• Aspects to be considered in the evaluation:


attendance and participation in class, the accuracy of the student in the delivered tasks, the score on the weekly questionnaires, and the score in the final exam of each module.


• Regarding the virtual part,


emphasis will be given to regular “attendance” in the Virtual Campus, as well as the participation and contribution of students through discussion forums and other communication tools available in the online learning environment. In certain modules, the student will find complementary activities, whose delivery is not mandatory and, sometimes, even non-gradable. We recommend students to begin with mandatory tasks and to perform these complementary activities after finishing the module, since students will continue to have online access to the course in the Virtual Campus, so that students may keep practicing and exploring the subject.


• End of module evaluation:


after each of the four modules that comprise this degree, a global evaluation will be conducted. This examination will be held one week after completing the corresponding classroom sessions. This examination will be mainly practical, consisting of answering several multiple choice questions dealing with cases. All the final Module exams will be available to be answered from 9:00 am until 23:55


• After the lecture session


Each lecturer will evaluate the students on-line with a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) referring to a studied case, to be answered by the student in the same week as the lecture session.


• Also, in each lecture session


there will be a specific on-line forum in which students will be able to ask questions regarding the matter. If the lecturer creates another virtual activity (i.e. wikies) the participation of all students will be required. Students who do not participate in that activity will not be allowed to sit the final exam of the block.