This program aims to provide an insight into certain aspects of the Spanish legal system and also improve the proper use of legal English for professional purposes.

Therefore, a comprehensive study of the whole discipline is not expected, for it is designed as a specialisation course. Despite the fact that the method of teaching is mainly practice-oriented, some basic theoretical explanations are provided as required to interpret and analyse practical assignments. To that end, the course will be developed through a series of practical cases, mainly selected from the Spanish Supreme Court case law that will be prepared on a weekly basis in form of questionnaires. A continuous assessment of students is therefore possible.


The ultimate aim is to enable students to develop a sufficient command of legal English and improve their ability to communicate effectively in both professional and non-professional situations. Additionally, the course gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in any of the topics covered on the syllabus, and develop their critical mind as a jurist. Not surprisingly, the teaching method is focused on promoting analysis and the participative discussion of case law.


As a result, the course is expected to stimulate the skills of problem solving, finding fair solutions, developing legal knowledge, active participation and critical legal thinking.


Notwithstanding the priority given to the “case method” as the principal teaching method, theory still has a role to play. Theoretical knowledge is necessary to enlighten practical decisions, and theoretical explanations will be crucial for understanding fundamental concepts and dealing with the most controversial issues in each area.


In order to guarantee effective progress in the use of English, a session in the introductory module will be devoted to the in-depth study of the language. Thus, whereas the first module is focused on the study of the English language, the subsequent three modules tackle different topics in both Spanish Public and Private Law. All sessions will be taught exclusively in English. Instructors will provide students with written handouts in advance of their session to make it easier for students to prepare and follow classes.