“As a student, the international University of Andalucía (UNIA) University Expert Course on Spanish Law Taught in English is an excellent option for those who have just completed their studies.



Sometimes when we are studying in the University, we do not have enough time to go deeper into cases and experience the practical sphere of the legal world. This course serves as a reviewer for those who are experienced, and a compliment for the ones that they have not yet worked in the legal field. However, I have to say, that everyone learns something new in each lesson. This is not extraordinary as the quality of the professors is exceptional and they are all experts in their field.


Another factor is that globalisation implies that probably we will have to deal with foreigners in our everyday business, and this includes negotiating and providing solutions about Spanish law in English, which is what we experienced during the lessons. In my favourite lesson, we explored contracts negotiation training.


I highly recommend this course to everyone interested in meeting top professionals, improving legal English and expanding their Spanish law knowledge from a practical point of view.”