Professor of Civil Law, College of Law, University of the Philippines.

School of Law, Ateneo de Manila University

“This diploma course on Spanish law, offered and taught fully in the English language, is an imaginative and innovative program that offers a multitude of benefits to various categories of enrollees.



For those already versed in Spanish law, it affords, through the medium of English, a new and richer perspective of the Spanish legal system.


For those seeking a better acquaintance with Spanish law, particularly lawyers and students from Latin America and the Philippines, it will be an excellent opportunity not only to acquire that acquaintance but, equally importantly, to gain a panoramic view of the common features of their own legal system and the legal tradition from which it sprang.


For all enrollees of the program, these comprehensive and carefully selected courses, with their happy balance of the practical and the theoretical, provide excellent perspectives and competencies for legal counselling on regional and multinational transactions.


Spanish law is an important – and, I daresay, indispensable – gateway to familiarity with the legal institutions, the cultures, the presuppositions, and the commercial practices not only of Spain, Latin America, the Philippines, but also of the entire European Union.


To be familiar with the great Spanish legal tradition in the thought-patterns of the English language is to have the best of both worlds.


The resultant information and breadth of view that this program can impart are, thus, to my mind, incalculable.”

CHRIS SYKES, Co-founder of Dragon Law,
and Head of New Business – UK.

“Many changes are occurring in the legal industry across the world and the old models of billing an practice are being adapted to suit modern requirements. Clients are still at the centre of the lawyer’s world but they are more demanding and require a higher level of service than ever before.



Modern clients require that lawyers demonstrate excellent communication skills both in written format or oral communication. Lawyera must be able to explain complex matters in clear terms in both their mother tongue and other languages – more often that not in English.


This course ensures that the student builds on their legal English skills and is immersed in the practice of such skills while improving their legal knowledge in a variety of distinct areas of Spanish law.


For those who are fluent speakers of English already, the challenge is to give them the ability to explain Spanish concepts in English. The others this is the perfect opportunity to perfect their legal English and advance knowledge at the same time.


The teachers on this course are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, so students can be assured that the support they receive is excellent and broad based. There really is no equivalent to this programme in Spain, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to lawyers at any level.”

ROLAND KRAUSE, Attorney, Assistant professor of International Private Law, FREIE UNIVERSITAET BERLIN, GERMANY

“The UNIA Expert University Course on Spanish Law gives you a head-start in international transactions.



On a daily basis I interact with attorneys in Spain involved in our often complicated real estate and inheritance issues that spread across multiple jurisdictions. The UNIA course in English provides foreign law graduates with critical training in the Spanish legal tradition and the legal system during an academic semester.


Thus, the course certainly improves the ability to communicate with legal counsel on both sides of any given issue and understand the landscape of the legal system. A deeper fundamental understanding of the law enables you to speak the Spanish attorney’s language and navigate any given legal situation better. The atmosphere at the course was very welcoming and encouraging. I will remember my time there as one that was meaningful and enabled to enlarge the international network.

Director of the 4TH UNIVERSITY ONLINE COURSE TAUGHT IN ENGLISH. – Professor of Civil Law

“It is a privilege to teach on and direct this novel and exciting programme. I have worked very closely with all the academic staff on the previous three versions of this course, and I have been impressed by the dedicated manner with which they carried out their work, taught their classes and supported both online and offline students. All of them are very passionate about this course, and this is reflected in the satisfaction of the students throughout the programme.



I wanted to get involved because I have a strong interest in connecting Spanish Law with international practitioners, and helping lawyers perfect their English. In my view a global world means teaching in English, and this for that reason this online course is unique in Spanish Latin-American legal academia.


Whether you want to learn or improve on your Spanish Law, you have come to the right place. In this course, we will show you how to take advantage of knowledge of the Spanish legal system in an international context. This course increasingly relevant for almost all service-oriented legal companies and lawyers interested in the Spanish, European and Latin-American legal world. You will be taught how these legal systems work in English and with a strong focus on the practical.