“The International University of Andalucía (UNIA) University Expert Course on Spanish Law Taught in English presents an opportunity for legal practitioners like me to broaden our horizons by learning not just about the Spanish legal system but also its relationship with legal systems from other European countries. Filipino lawyers and law professors will likewise find it helpful in developing a deeper understanding of Philippine laws, some of which find source from Spanish laws and legal principles, through a comparative approach of these two legal systems.


The modules are comprehensive and well-defined such that students are given an overview of a wide array of both public and private laws. Too, the professors are experts in their field and are well able to communicate and share their knowledge with people from different legal and cultural backgrounds. Students who opt to enroll in the course through distance learning will find the online module user-friendly, and the course is made more easily accessible and understandable by the course coordinators from UNIA, particularly Prof. José Manuel de Torres Perea, who are quick to respond to students’ questions and concerns.


I would definitely recommend this course to anyone aspiring to expand their scope of legal practice or is simply looking to expand their legal knowledge.”